65th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Plasma Physics

Editor's note:
November 15, 2023

This year's APS DPP meeting featured many presentations from the group.
Professor Paul discussed the role of moderate-scale experiments in the US stellarator program. Graduate student Amelia Chambliss presented her study of the fast ion particle transport, with emphasis on quadratic flux-minimizing maps and integrability of ion trajectories in quasiaxisymmetric and quasihelical stellarators. Mohammed Haque presented his latest results on filamentary coil optimization for reducing HTS strain. Abdullah S Hyder showcased his ongoing work on developing simulation tool StellDOS to model Alfvén-gap density of states for stellarators. Alexandra Lachmann presented her work on evaluating alpha particle redistribution resulting from Alfvén eigenmodes using full-particle-orbit-following code SPIRAL. Antoine Baillod discussed his previous results on equilibrium β-limits dependence on bootstrap current in classical stellarators. Alexey Knyazev presented his earlier work on modeling neoclassical impurity transport with the full-f gyrokinetic code COGENT.

Following the APS meeting, the group visited National Parks – Grand Sand Dunes and Rocky Mountains – for a week-long retreat.

Group photo